Terry Gilliam Talks About The Message Of Zero Theorem: "Wake Up!"

We caught up with Terry Gilliam recently to talk about his new film, Zero Theorem, a one size fits all, full gate, semi-vinyl motion picture on searching for the meaning in the face of impotence. He also told us which films left shrapnel in his soul, and why you should be fucking honest and cut the end off your story. » 9/15/14 5:50pm Today 5:50pm

Watch What Will Happen When We Land On a Comet

In the wake of today's announcement that a landing site has been chosen for Comet Churymov-Gerasimenko, the ESA has released a wicked cool, high-def animated sequence depicting the descent of the Philae probe and the deployment of its scientific instruments, starting with a 360-degree survey of its landing site. » 9/15/14 4:32pm Yesterday 4:32pm

NASA Wants An Astronomer With "Top Secret" Clearance For Webb Telescope

NASA declares that its orbiting James Webb Space Telescope will be "the premier observatory of the next decade," studying "every phase in the history of our universe." But the job description for the director of the project has some wondering if that history includes current events on Earth. » 9/15/14 4:32pm Yesterday 4:32pm

The Landing Site On Comet Churymov-Gerasimenko Has Been Selected

This is it, people — this is the spot on the comet where Rosetta's Philae lander will touch down on November 11th. It's called Site J, an area chosen for its unique scientific potential and minimum risk to the lander. » 9/15/14 4:31pm Yesterday 4:31pm

The Seven Wonders of the Solar System

People like to make lists of things, especially lists of superlatives: the best, fastest, oldest, largest, heaviest and so on. There are lists of the ten fastest animals and the ten longest rivers and even of the ten highest-paid rock stars. The Guinness company created a small industry from publishing lists exactly… » 9/14/14 10:29pm Sunday 10:29pm

This Rube Goldberg Machine Runs On Light

Mirrors, lenses and reflective surfaces are combined to arresting effect in this commercial for au Hikari, a Japanese high-speed optical ISP. The machine's optics work as one to reflect, focus, and diverge a single beam of light through a series of tasks, causing it to singe, melt and illuminate as it goes. » 9/14/14 10:29pm Sunday 10:29pm

Mesmerizing Aurora in Dramatic Landscapes of Fire, Ice, and Shadow

Aurora are beautiful, but the fire and smoke of Bárðarbunga step it up to gorgeous. The weekend kicked off with the Earth putting on a glorious display of green, blue, purple, and red, and countless photographers braved varied terrain to capture the ephemeral light for your viewing pleasure. » 9/12/14 11:53pm Friday 11:53pm

These Simple Tips Will Make Your Science Visualizations Rock

There are so many, many ways to graphically convey scientific data. But depending on how this information is presented, it can be perceived differently by different people — if not completely inaccurately. Here are 10 simple rules to help you convey your data more effectively. » 9/12/14 1:38pm Friday 1:38pm

The Curiosity Rover Has Arrived At Its Primary Scientific Target!

It took a little more than 2 years and nearly 9 kilometers of driving, but NASA's Curiosity Rover has finally reached the base of Mount Sharp. » 9/12/14 1:08am Friday 1:08am