ISS Crew Evacuated To Russian Side After Ammonia Leak Alarm [UPDATED]

The ISS crew was evacuated over to the Russian side of the space station after an alarm indicated an ammonia leak began to sound this morning. But there's likely no leak, says NASA, and the issue may be simply a faulty sensor. All crew members are safe, though remaining on the Russian side for now. [UPDATE: The… » 1/15/15 11:34am 1/15/15 11:34am

12,500 Photos From Space Create A Timelapse That Leaves Me Speachless

Astronaut Alex Gerst was a delight to have on the International Space Station, teaming up with NASA's Reid Wiseman to bring us snippets of life in orbit from the mundane to silly to the awe-inspiring. ESA has collected 12,500 of his snapshots into an epic timelapse video to celebrate the holiday season. » 12/24/14 8:50am 12/24/14 8:50am

This NASA Experiment Looks Just Like Episode VII's New Lightsaber

NASA's Flame Extinguishment - 2 (FLEX-2) experiment is designed to study the characteristics of burning fuel droplets in space, aboard the International Space Station. But under certain conditions, it looks an awful lot like the crossguard lightsaber from the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII. » 12/21/14 10:03pm 12/21/14 10:03pm