What's Stopping Us from Building Cities in Space? No, It's Not Tech.

The US has a plan for Americans to live in space. In 2012, the National Research Council was commissioned by Congress to roadmap the future of human space exploration. Last June, the team published its findings in a massive report, which called for several action steps to be taken immediately. One year later, are we… » 6/20/15 12:00am 6/20/15 12:00am

Wait, How Did These Chunks Of Glass End Up In A Crater On Mars?

Mars is a strange place, whether we’re talking the seemingly nature-defying behavior of its liquids or just the tendency of even the most ordinary rock to have a secret life. But this latest look into one of its craters shows something odd even by Martian standards: There’s glass in there — and lots of it. » 6/15/15 9:00pm 6/15/15 9:00pm

This Elevation Map Of Mars Makes The Red Planet Much More Colorful

In this brand new map of the Ares Vallis region of Mars, released by the German space agency DLR, you can see the true differences in height between the high and low parts of our neighboring planet. The highest parts, expressed in red, are about 4000 meters (2.4 miles) above the lowest parts, in blue. » 4/15/15 9:00am 4/15/15 9:00am