Last Night's Routine Rocket Launch Was Thankfully Routine

Last night saw the launch of a resupply mission to the ISS atop a Russian Progress rocket — a pretty routine event (as far as firing things into low-earth orbit will ever be routine), but an important one given recent events. Thankfully, it seems like everything went fine and nothing exploded this time around. » 7/04/15 1:00am Saturday 1:00am

Weather Radar Detects SpaceX Rocket Falling into Ocean After Explosion

What goes up must come down, and sometimes the ways in which gravity wins aren’t pretty. A SpaceX rocket sending supplies to the International Space Station exploded in the skies off the coast of Florida this morning, and weather radar was able to track what was left of the rocket as it fell into the Atlantic Ocean. » 7/01/15 3:00am Wednesday 3:00am

Astronomers Say There May Be Other Universes That Are Better for Life

Maybe we haven’t found alien life because it’s all evolving in other universes. A group of astronomers have just released a research paper suggesting that other universes could be far more habitable than our own. It all depends on a few conditions right when those universes were born. » 6/28/15 6:00pm 6/28/15 6:00pm

SpaceX Explains Why It Keeps Crash-Landing Rockets

SpaceX, a company full of talented and intelligent people, has spent the last year exploding some really expensive hardware in the middle of the Atlantic. But believe it or not, the company’s goal isn’t actually to rack up YouTube views—it’s to build a reusable rocket system. Here’s how they plan to stop screwing up. » 6/27/15 9:00am 6/27/15 9:00am

NASA Is Launching the HoloLens Into Space This Weekend 

If you’d told my 10-year-old self that a private space company would blast some holographic virtual reality googles to the International Space Station one day, my young head would’ve exploded. Well, that day has come. The hologram-powered, VR-enabled future of space exploration has arrived. » 6/27/15 1:00am 6/27/15 1:00am